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The Windsor Chair

One type of chair that everyone is familiar with is the ever-present Windsor. But why are there so many of them and what is the basis for America’s love affair with that type of chair? The word “Windsor” is usually capitalized in deference to the supposed point of origin of this style chair, the area …

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White Marks on your Furniture

Wood Menders

With the Holidays here and the parties that go with it – I thought we should go back and cover white water & heats marks on your furniture and some simple tricks to get rid of them. White cloudy stains are typically caused by placing hot dishes directly on the table as well as some …

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The Twelve Most Influential Periods in American Furniture History

After the first colonists to the Americas set foot on land, history tells us that it took a number of years before their civilization began to take shape. Once it did, the settlers were able to shift their focus from solely surviving to more noble pursuits, such as furniture making. As time went on, furniture …

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Repairing your Wobbly Chairs

The change in Michigan weather can wreak havic on your furniture, especially your chairs.  If your chairs are starting to creak or you are scared to sit on it because it is too wobbly – here are 6 steps to fix it up and make your chairs sturdy again.  A couple of tools that you …

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Recent Furniture Repair Projects

Here are some of the most recent projects that we have been working on at Wood Menders:  

Characteristics of Furniture Wood

In today’s post – we are going to be looking at wood characteristics and your furniture. Almost any type of wood could be used to build furniture, but some woods have always been favored for their beauty, durability, and workability. Before 1900, most furniture was made with these woods: walnut, oak, mahogany, rosewood, fruitwoods, and …

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How to Quickly Take Care of Scratches on Your Furniture

When that heartbreaking first ding or scratch appears on your new furniture, the marks left behind are especially obvious if the stain is scraped off and the lighter wood beneath it is revealed.  Let’s face it – furniture is meant to be used, not just sit there collecting dust.  But the downside if you are …

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