What to for when buying Wood Furniture

Wood Menders

Today’s post is a good quick & easy checklist about what to look for when purchasing wood furniture.  Do not get hung up on everything here (especially the particleboard/pressboard – some high quality furniture is made of particle board with a good quality veneer today)

Basic Furniture Shopping Checklist

by Karawynn Long (for getrichslowly.org)

good: solid wood or 9+ layer plywood
bad: thin plywood, particleboard, pressboard, fiberboard
bad: knots, cracks
bad: soft, easily-scratched surfaces

— Joints —
great: dovetail, mortise & tenon good: reinforcing corner blocks
good: dowels, screws
bad: staples, nails, visible glue

— Drawers —
great: dust panels, floating bottoms
good: metal glide-rails, stops
bad: wood-on-wood sliding

— Frame —
good: even, level with floor
bad: twists, creaks, wobbles

— Springs —
great: hand-tied coil springs
good: close together, even resistance
bad: any springs more than a few inches apart

— Cushions —
good: firm foam wrapped in padding
good: protective inner cover good: reversible cushions
bad: bare foam
bad: loose fill without internal sectioning

— Upholstery —
good: aligned patterns
good: skirts with lining or weights
bad: skimpy padding along arms and back

We would love to hear your comments or questions.  Until Next Time – Wood Menders.