Exterior Door Repairs

We talked last time about Spring Cleaning for your Kitchen Cabinets and today we are going to talk about your exterior door(s) – especially if they are wood or fiberglass doors.  Winters can wreak havoc on your exterior doors and deteriorate & break down the finish on your door.  If your door is not protected by the sun – you will find the color & finish deteriorating a lot quicker than the exact same door that is protected from the sun.

Here are a couple of suggestions & tips for your exterior door(s):

– dark streaks starting at the bottom of the panels are a sign that moisture is being drawn up into the wood
– perform an inspection of your door every year
– Paint will hold up the best to the winter months & sun, but if you have a wood door – nothing beats showing that off
– Large cracks & surface checks are some of the things to be looking for.
– If you see a whitesh haze or a dark streak in the wood – you will find that moisture is getting in the door or finish
– Make sure to recoat your door with a good exterior finish and ultraviolet inhibitor (which helps protect the door from the extreme conditions) every 12 – 18 months depending on how severe the weather is in your area.
– Use a finish that is durable and has Ultra Violet Inhibitors

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Until next time – Dan @ Wood Menders

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