Some Help for your Furniture

There are a lot of people are going out and buying used wooden furniture at garage & estate sales to take home and make their own.  Painting can be one of the quickest way to do this, it can be a quick project for you and can give you instant gratification of taking a piece of furniture from old and beat-up to something you can use.  Now – I do not recommend painting nicer wood species like Mahogany, Cherry or Walnut.

Here are some tips to paint your project quickly and with minimal stress:

 Clean the furniture with a good cleaner like Simple Green
 – Lightly sand every area that will be painted (a 240 grit sandpaper is perfect)
 – Make any repairs (nicks, dings, scratches) before painting
 – start painting
   – choose a good quality paint
   – paint in a well ventilated area
   – wear a ventilation mask (especially if you are working inside)
 – put 2 coats of paint – minimum
 – for extra durability once the paint is dry (a minimum of 24 hours) you can put a coat of lacquer or urethane over the paint

It really is as simple as that – just make sure not to spray too much in one area at a time to prevent drips of paint & take your time and you will have a great new look for your piece furniture.

We would love to hear your comments or questions – leave them below.

Until next time – Dan @ Wood Menders


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