Ink Stains

Ink stains that have penetrated the finish on your furniture, like ink stains or black water spots, unfortunately cannot be removed unless you refinish the piece.  But less serious ink stains can sometimes be removed or at the very least lightened.  To repair that ink stain start by lightly buffing the stained area with a cloth moistened with mineral spirits; then rinse the wood with a little clean water on a soft cloth. Make sure to dry the surface thoroughly, and then wax and polish it with a good quality polish.
If this does not completely remove the ink, rub the stained area lightly, along the grain, with No. 0000 steel wool or a high grit sand paper (1000 or higher) moistened with mineral spirits or water.  Once done – wipe down the surface clean, wax and polish it.  You have to be careful – this may damage the finish and you may have to refinish to area where the stain is located.

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