Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing & Restoration

Is refinishing kitchen cabinets less expensive than replacing?

The answer is yes, even with a decorative finish! Depending on the quality of the replacement cabinets, the cost can be 50 – 75% less. Painting is a great alternative when all you desire is a fresh updated look and the existing cabinets are functional, a good design and in good working order.

The advantages of refinishing are:

  • Less Cost – removal and replacement as well as the cost of the new cabinets
  • Less Time – generally when ordering new cabinets it takes about 6 – 8 weeks to receive the order and then several weeks to have them installed
  • Less Mess – The first step to cabinet replacement is the demolition, followed by the site preparation before the new cabinets are installed. Generally speaking, there will be associated damages to surrounding walls and floors.
  • Less People – Having cabinets replaced involves teams of people and associated trades from the demo team, the new install team, the plumber, the electrician and so forth and so on…..

Our refinishing system is simply cost effective and can usually be finished in a week or two.

Our system is as follows:

  • Generally, existing finishes do not have to be stripped
  • Doors, drawers and loose panels will be labeled, wrapped and removed.
  • In our shop, they will undergo complete preparation by sanding, repairing and cleaning
  • We will prime and apply multiple coats and finishes as required to achieve the desired look
  • On site, we will mask and protect all surrounding and adjacent areas
  • We will completely prepare all cabinet faces and exposed areas to the same level that is performed off site
  • We will prime and apply multiple coats and finishes as required to achieve the desired look
  • Once dried, we will install all removed doors, drawers and loose panels
  • We will install new knobs and handles if desired
  • We will thoroughly clean the area prior to departure leaving you with completely updated cabinets that look like they were painted in a factory.


  • Smaller kitchens take about a week and a half to complete and start at about $1200.

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