A Quick & Easy Way to Disguise a Scratch on your Furniture

Your wood furniture is meant to be used and enjoyed, if finished properly it can last years and years without any major upkeep.  But sometimes scratches do happen, even when you are extra careful.  Here is a quick trick to disguise those scratches with black tea, when you do not have to time to call a furniture repair person in.  Now DO NOT use herbal or green tea; the black tea produces the color you want to match the wood.

Here you go:

  • Place the tea bag in a cup and pour a little bit of hot water about 2 – 3 tablespoons over it.
  • Let it the tea sit for at least 2 minutes. If your wood is very dark, use a black tea bag that has been sitting in the water for at least 4 minutes. The longer the bag is in the water, the darker the color.
  • Use a paper towel to immediately wipe away any tea that gets on the surrounding wood so that it doesn’t get stained.

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Until Next Time – Dan @ Wood Menders