Repair or Replace?

The question comes up all of the time – is our furniture worth getting repaired or should we just replace it?

Here are some things to consider when making the decision to repair or replace:

  • Is the item part of a set of matched pieces?
  • Do you love the piece?
  • Does the item have sentimental value?
  • Can the item be replaced with a comparable new piece?
  • Are you willing to settle for a new piece of lesser quality?
  • Matching Pieces

    If a damaged nightstand can be repaired and retain a bedroom set in its’ entirety, the bedroom set maintains a higher value. 

    In the case of dining chairs, the cost to repair/reglue most likely will exceed the cost of a moderately priced new chair.  However, restoring the damaged chair will maintain the matched set. 

  • Love the Piece

    We occasionally have a customer who insists on spending 
    a fortune to restore a piece that
    has no real value, except in their eyes, only! 

    We’re honored to help them indulge their passion, no questions asked!

  • Sentimental Value

    We can help to keep a piece functional without a full blown restoration. 

    It’s nice to have family pieces around that actually serve a purpose and we can tailor a restoration to fit your needs.

    Thoughts? Questions?  Leave them below.

    Until next time – Dan @ Wood Menders