Repair versus Replace – Is it worth it to get it fixed?

Repair or Replace?

This is a questions we receive a lot – when is it time to replace a piece of furniture?  There are many factors to consider if it makes sense to replace a piece of furniture:

1.  Are you willing to settle for a new piece of lesser quality?

The Old Saying “They don’t make it things the way they used to” is very true especially when it comes to your furniture.  If you are able to find something comparable (if you are lucky), 9 times out of 10 it is not built with the same care & precision like the piece that you are replacing.

2.  Is the item part of a set of matched pieces?

If a damaged nightstand can be repaired and retain a bedroom set in its’ entirety, the bedroom set maintains a higher value.  In the case of dining chairs, the cost to repair / reglue most likely will exceed the cost of a moderately priced new chair.  However, restoring the 1 damaged chair will maintain the matched set.

3.  Do you just plain love the piece?

If it something unique or you purchased on a trip that brings back those memories every time you see it we can definitely understand.   We occasionally have a client who insists on spending a fortune to restore a piece that has no real value, except they just love the piece.

4. Does the item have sentimental value to you or your family?

We can help to keep a piece functional without a full blown restoration.   It’s nice to have family pieces around that actually serve a purpose and we can tailor a restoration to fit your needs.

5.  Can the item be replaced with a comparable new piece?

The furniture you need to replace may not have a comparable example available in today’s market.  Furniture with quality workmanship, classic or unusual style and custom-made pieces are all candidates for restoration rather than replacement.

Wood Menders can provide a no cost Audit of your furniture which will give you an honest expert opinion on whether it is time to retire that piece of furniture or restore it back to new. 

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