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Furniture & Refinishing

One of the things we get alot of questions each & every we get is: can you repair my furniture without having to refinish it.  The answer is yes in the majority of cases. Rather than damage the worn spots on the surface of this 19th Century spool table, the new owner could apply paste …

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Hiring out for antique furniture repair begins with doing your homework

Today we are talking antiques.  So you have an antique that is showing its age and needs some repair – how do you know who to go to and make sure they do not mess it up further. Sooner or later, most of us who hang out with antiques get the urge to do a …

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Recent Projects

Here are some of our recent projects that we have been working on at Wood Menders.  Do you have an interesting project?  Contact Wood Menders today to add additional services.    

Steel Wool – Good For Your Antique Furniture?

In today’s post we are discussing the use of Steel Wool.  While it has many great uses (we use it all of the time) – there has been an ongoing argument not only in our shop, but among professionals across the country of whether Steel Wool should be used with antiques. Almost every book you …

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4 reasons why antique values vary

Today’s post is a great article from the folks over at Antique Trader about the reasons Antique Furniture Values vary.  And they can very greatly. How many times have you read the report of an auction somewhere and the price quoted on some article just didn’t seem reasonable, either way too high or way too …

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Should you buy Damaged Antiques or Collectibles?

We get a lot of questions at Wood Menders every week about should you or shouldn’t you restore or repair your antiques.  The quick answer it depends.  Here is a take from another expert: Lots of people wonder if they should buy damaged antiques and collectibles, and there’s no question that condition and value most …

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Care & Preservation of Furniture

I recently came across while researching a piece of furniture that was appraised in the 70’s for over $30,000 an article that the conservation staff at The Henry Ford put together on the care & preservation of of furniture in particular antiques and collectibles. If you have any antiques (over 100 years old) take note …

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