Whitewashed Furniture

Whitewashing furniture can be done fairly quickly as a weekend project to give your furniture a new and different look without having to refinish or paint your furniture.  It gives your furniture a semi-transparent and wax-like coating which gives it more texture. It can also be referred to as pickling, liming, or antiquing, depending on the type of wood you are working with. Whitewashing is best for furniture made of pine.  Whitewashing furniture is better than simply painting it because painting will cover the wood’s grain.

How to Whitewash Furniture – quick & easy steps

1.)   Remove the existing finish on your furniture and then sand it until the raw furniture is smooth.

2.)   Clean the furniture.

3.)   Apply whitewashing stain. There are a lot of options out there – in both oil-based & water based stain.  I am a big fan of the water based stains and finishes for a variety of reasons – the biggest being that it is good for the environment.  If you have a local wood working store by your – General Finishes has a great whitewash stain.

4.)  Let the stain penetrate the wood and then use a dry cloth to wipe off the excess before it dries. Make sure to wipe off in the direction of the grain. Make sure, however, that you allow each coat to dry for three hours before applying the next one.

5.)   Apply a clear protective finish using a brush or use an aerosol finish to make it really easy.

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Whitewashing furniture can bring a whole new level of freshness to your home. It not only makes your furniture fresher, but it also protects it from environmental hazards as well.