Hardwood Floors

Keeping Your Wood Floors Alive

Here’s a few tips to help keep your wood floors looking good:

– Keeping dirt off the floor is your best defense in maintaining a good looking wood floor. There are several ways to do that:
– Make sure to have a good entry mat at each door where people will be entering from the outside.  This allows everybody to wipe off their shoes when they enter your house – less dirt – less mess.
– Sweep the entryways just outside your house on a regular basis – this will keep alot of the dirt away from the house.
– Vacuum and/or Sweep your hardwood floors at least once a week at a minimum.  Don’t get lazy on this!  Above all else – this will keep any buildup of dirt from happening.
– Make sure you have floor protector pads on all of your furniture.
– Change the floor protectors out with new ones every 3 to 4 months.  (they are cheap)
– Check your shoes to make sure you are not tracking any “unwanted” items or dirt into your house
– Make a habit of taking care of list

The point to remember is that small amounts of dirt get stepped on and scraped along your floor at a very minute level. Those “micro-scratches” add up and over time, dull your floor’s finish.  A beautiful floor isn’t cheap and getting it refinished isn’t a quick and easy task. Keep the dirt off and it’ll look better, longer.

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