Oak Furniture

Oak is a good & strong wood.  You can see it everywhere – furniture, flooring, cabinets & boats.  Oak is also used to make wine bottles because it can alter the taste and texture of the wine. The timber resists pesky bugs and doesn’t easily deteriorate. The oak tree has many vessels which allow it absorb water and resist moisture at a higher rate (similar to a chestnut tree) too. Repairing & refinishing oak furniture can be very easy because of its hard surface and flexibility.

Oak comes in a variety of colors from a dark golden brown to vibrant auburn. Your main choices are light and dark. Light oak furniture is very popular nowadays for its clean, airy look, but underneath it’s a tough timber which is highly resistant to rot and moisture. Dark oak furniture appeals to those who prefer a more classic look; its deep gleaming beauty adds style to any setting. Your choice will depend of whether you want a warm or cool atmosphere for your rooms.


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