Repair Tips for Your Wood Furniture

Everybody knows that the best parties end up with a ring on the coffee table or a cigarette burn on the dining room table, but you can shrug off these little party mishaps with a smile when you know the secrets to quick household fixes. The following tips will help you easily repair small accidents to your wood furniture, just by using a little creativity, quick thinking and elbow grease.

If a white ring appears on a wood table, it is an indication that moisture has become trapped underneath the finish. To do so, quickly pile table salt on the offending ring or hazy area, then cover it with a soft towel and warm the area with hot blow dryer or an iron set on warm (but not hot). Check under the towel periodically to see when the ring has disappeared.

Scratched wood furniture can be repaired by (believe it or not) using a cotton swab to apply shoe polish to the scratch, then buffing the area with a soft cloth or rag. Do not be afraid to mix various shades of shoe polish to get the right color match for your furniture.  Crayons can be used to cover the scratch and if you need to hide it in a hurry.

Spilled candle wax can be removed from a wood table top by letting it cool completely, and then freezing it by applying an ice cube in a plastic sandwich bag. Once frozen, the wax can be gently scraped off using a butter knife or a rubber spatula. If necessary, you can buff away any residual cloudiness by applying a paste wax to the wood surface.

Spilled wine can damage the finish of your wood furniture if left for too long. In fact, any type of alcohol is likely to harm wood finishes, so if a spill occurs, move quickly to blot the alcohol with a towel, but resist the urge to rub as it will only increase the damage to the furniture.

A light surface burn on your wood tabletop can be rubbed out with extra-fine steel wool and ammonia. Always rub in the direction of the wood grain and the then follow up with an application of paste wax. If the burn has actually penetrated the finish and has charred the wood itself, it is best to leave the repairs to a professional furniture refinisher.

By practicing these quick wood repair tips, you will be saving both your wood furniture and your party.
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