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How to Refinish Furniture

This article is a republish of an article on the web site: howstuffworks.com Is Grandma’s hand-me-down china hutch looking a little worse for wear? How about that coffee table the kids just can’t seem to remember not to put their sippy-cups on? Instead of just tossing out those favorite furniture pieces that are showing their …

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A Great Dictionary on Wood Furniture

Wood Menders | Furniture Repair Grand Rapids

I came across this article at NationalFurnitureSupply.com: Wooden furniture evokes an awareness of of convention, harkening back to the days when family goods cant be found only hand made but typically also self-produced. Wood pieces of furniture comes in a variety of wood varieties and finishes to match any home decorating. Of the countless woods …

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Repair Tips for Your Wood Furniture

Everybody knows that the best parties end up with a ring on the coffee table or a cigarette burn on the dining room table, but you can shrug off these little party mishaps with a smile when you know the secrets to quick household fixes. The following tips will help you easily repair small accidents …

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Make Wood Furniture WaterProof

Do you have exterior wood furniture such as a door or patio furniture?  If so waterproofing wooden outdoor furniture is important because this type of furniture is constantly exposed to harsh elements. Exterior spray varnish is a relativity new invention that is much more practical & can be more economical than paint. It can only …

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