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Recent Furniture Projects

Here are some recent Furniture Repair & Refinishing Projects from Wood Menders:   Until Next Time – Dan @ Wood Menders

Weather Changes & Your Furniture

Wood is very sensitive to water and changes in relative humidity. As the weather changes from season to season, so does the humidity in your home and also the moisture content of your wood furniture. This situation causes the wood to expand and contract with every change in the humidity. The purpose of the finish …

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Do You Know Your Furniture Foot Styles?

If every journey begins with a single step, the road to antique furniture knowledge can start with a foot – specifically, the antique foot style of a chair, chest or table. Identifying antique furniture foot styles can be helpful in identifying the approximate age and style of a piece. Listed below are foot styles developed …

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Just Fix It

Today’s post is a great article that was in some US versions of the Wall Street Journal on February 25th, 2012   When a piece of furniture goes to pieces, you don’t have to. Take it to one of the repair shops trusted by top decorators It might not be a 15th-century Renaissance terra-cotta relief, …

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Wood Menders – Painted Projects

Here are some of our projects that Wood Menders has completed! Cedar Chest – Before Cedar Chest – After Dining Room Table Before After After Dresser – After   Until Next Time – Dan @ Wood Menders

Should I refinish or paint?

Refinishing the piece means taking off the old finish and creating a new one. It’s physically demanding, so be prepared to use some elbow grease for this messy and cumbersome job. For those do-it-yourselfers, it’s best to use a combination of chemical strippers and sanding to refinish a piece of furniture. Above all, be patient, …

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Recent Projects from Wood Menders

Here are some of the most recent projects we have been working on – Enjoy: