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Recent Furniture Repair Projects

Here are some of the recent projects that we have been working on.   Until Next Time – Dan Kaufman

Make Wood Furniture WaterProof

Do you have exterior wood furniture such as a door or patio furniture?  If so waterproofing wooden outdoor furniture is important because this type of furniture is constantly exposed to harsh elements. Exterior spray varnish is a relativity new invention that is much more practical & can be more economical than paint. It can only …

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Recommend Wood Stains

We always get asked what type of products do you use and which ones should we stay away from.  Here are some recommendations on the stains that we use at Wood Menders: The stains that we use almost exclusively when we are refinishing furniture comes from General Finishes (http://www.generalfinishes.com).  We purchase them typically at our …

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A Quick & Easy Way to Disguise a Scratch on your Furniture

Your wood furniture is meant to be used and enjoyed, if finished properly it can last years and years without any major upkeep.  But sometimes scratches do happen, even when you are extra careful.  Here is a quick trick to disguise those scratches with black tea, when you do not have to time to call …

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How Cleaning May Restore Your Furniture

Do you keep walking by your dull table and hoping that one of these days it will look like you first brought it home?  Sometimes all your furniture needs is some extra TLC in order to not only restore but breathe new life & extend the life of your furniture. Furniture eventually reaches a point …

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Strip Paint Off of Furniture Like a Pro

You will agree that a well-crafted furniture piece that gets a beautiful stained finish can truly show the craftsmanship of a woodworker. This is perhaps among the reasons why it is so painful when people paint a really well-built piece of furniture. If you have apparently done this to a project and have regretted doing …

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Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak is naturally a very durable category of wood, which makes it perfect for outdoor patio furniture. Refinishing teak furniture is often not necessary because it usually requires such little maintenance. However, many people buy antique teak patio furniture because of its ability to maintain quality for such a long time. If you are one …

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