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Keep Your Cats from Destroying Your Furniture

  From the folks over at Life Hacker – a great article on keeping your cats from destroying your furniture (we do a lot of pet damage throughout the year)       Scratching is a natural behavior for our feline friends, and furniture is a tempting target for their fabric-shredding claws. Save your furniture …

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Taking Care of Scratches on Your Furniture

When that heartbreaking first ding or scratch appears on your new furniture, the marks left behind are especially obvious if the stain is scraped off and the lighter wood beneath it is revealed.  Let’s face it – furniture is meant to be used, not just sit there collecting dust.  But the downside if you are …

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Smelly Furniture?

In today’s post we will be discussing some home remedies to get that smokey smell out of your furniture. Smoke, whether from cigarettes, fire damage, or other burning things, can leave an unpleasant odor in your home. What’s worse is that this smell can stick to your furniture, leaving your house smelling rotten. Fortunately, there …

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How Cleaning May Restore Your Furniture

Do you keep walking by your dull table and hoping that one of these days it will look like you first brought it home?  Sometimes all your furniture needs is some extra TLC in order to not only restore but breathe new life & extend the life of your furniture. Furniture eventually reaches a point …

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Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak is naturally a very durable category of wood, which makes it perfect for outdoor patio furniture. Refinishing teak furniture is often not necessary because it usually requires such little maintenance. However, many people buy antique teak patio furniture because of its ability to maintain quality for such a long time. If you are one …

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A Coffee Table made of Candy?

Came across this article the other day – pretty interesting concept for furniture.   A Designer Coffee Table Made Of Candy (For Emergency Eating Only) Lollipop tables? Chocolate chairs? Pinto-bean couches? A new concept line from Lanzavecchia + Wai builds the emergency rations right into the living room furniture. Your average table is built to …

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Recent Projects

Here are some of the recent projects we have been working on at Wood Menders:   Until next time – Dan @ Wood Menders.