Wicker Furniture

Wicker Furniture can be a great addition to your back yard or patio and can give you many years of enjoyment, but it does have to be taken care of.  Here are some quick steps to cleaning and caring for your wicker furniture:

– Start with cleaning with a damp sponge with water (you should do this at a minimum of once a month when you are using your wicker furniture regularly)
– If that doesn’t cut it – you can use a cleaner like simple green which will cut through the grime and buildup of having your wicker furniture exposed to the elements.
– Water with Ammonia can be used or if you have some mold growth – a mixture of bleach & water will help take care of that.

Can you Refinish Wicker Furniture?

We get this questions a lot – the short answer is yes, but the first step would be giving your Wicker Furniture a good cleaning.  If you have your wicker is not looking as great as it should be – refinishing might be the best option.  Here are some steps to do it your self:

– At a minimum you will want to strip off any flaking paint or finish (if it is really bad – you will want to take off all of the paint or finish)
– Lightly sand any rough spots
– If you are painting the wicker – it is essential to put a couple of coats of wood primer to insure proper adhesion
– After the primer – apply 2 – 4 coats of paint
– Once the paint is dry – apply another 2 coats of good exterior varnish or finish to give extra durability

Let the finish dry for 24 hours and you are good to start using the furniture and showing it off to your friends and family.


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